Our story

Who are the S.A.W.A. Lingua founders?

SAWA is an acronym that represents the five founding members of SAWA Lingua:

SamahAfafWafaAmera & Anhar

Who are the “Passionate Professionals”?

We are talented linguists who have extensive experience in translation and language services. We founded SAWA Lingua to turn our passion for languages into a successful business. Educated abroad and professionally certified, each of us brings different skills to the company. We aim to provide our clients with professional language services.

What does SAWA mean?

Besides being an acronym, “sawa” means “together” in the Egyptian Arabic dialect. Together, we strive to be an outstanding Translation & Language Services Company, and together with you, our client, we aim to create a great product. SAWA Lingua is our brand, and it is supported by our many talented team members.


Leave your translation project in the hands of the Passionate Professionals.

We love what we do.
We take responsibility for what we do.
We know our trade and we surpass expectations.
We face challenges with a positive attitude.
We believe that “good enough” is never enough.