How do we work?

The translation process at SAWA lingua is quite simple. It is determined by the following three factors.



First of all, we attempt to define the exact requirements of the client with regard to the translation task by collecting all of the relevant information, including the type of document, language pair, and word count.



Time is money for both the client and us, so that’s why we take time seriously. The next step after the initial overview of the translation task is to determine the deadline. For SAWA Lingua, the deadline is the deadline. We are committed to delivering translations on time.



We assign translators to each translation task based on the target language and the expertise of the translators. This technique helps us deliver a high quality, on-time translation. After the translation, the document is edited and proofread.


We have divided our translation quality process into three simple steps, which we call “TED”:


First, the translation of the source document into the target language is performed by professional translators to deliver an excellent translation.

Editing & Proofreading
Next, the translation is edited and proofread to produce a clear, accurate text.
Desktop publishing (DTP)
Finally, desktop publishing (DTP) provides the formatting for the translated document.

The bottom line of our QA is to deliver an excellent translation while continuously improving the quality of our work. Our dedication to quality is the secret to our success in this industry.

Translation Technology

To ensure terminology consistency, we use state of the art translation technologies.

When you choose SAWA Lingua as your translation services provider, you can be sure that your translation project is in the hands of the “Passionate Professionals”, who will meet all of your requirements promptly and professionally.